Scroll through the testimonials below - they come from editing, decluttering and business clients with whom I have worked

Ms. K. Coleraine

Thank you for a great day! I am so pleased with the decisions made, though before you came I was completely overwhelmed and stuck and could make no decisions at all! I feel lighter for the experience and am feeling on a roll to finish.

Colleen, Co Tyrone

Gwen came to help us declutter as preparation for putting our house on the market. We spent a solid day working through our full to bursting storage cupboards, which made space for storing items we actually use and keeping them accessible.

I've been working away since our day of decluttering and making my way through the whole house - kitchen cupboards, shelves and utility. It's a breath of fresh air. Thank you!!

Valerie, Co Dublin

'......lately I have been feeling that I could do with another tidy up. It's like getting the painter in!"

RM, Co Meath

Thanks so much for your friendly and efficient service in tackling the clutter in my home. Great to get a handle on it! I will certainly recommend you to my friends.

Pat Mathison, Belfast

"Gwen's help in sorting and decision making kick-started and speeded up the process of clearing an overflowing attic. It has also made me think twice before buying new. I had no idea where to start on my own and found Gwen's approach invaluable."

Audrey, Dublin

"I can't begin to thank you enough for all your guidance and support in organising my home. Never once did I feel judged for holding on to all the things that held memories for me. You helped me see that I could hold onto the sentiment, without keeping all the 'stuff'.

You made a very daunting job a lot more manageable than I ever thought possible; I felt very intimidated by the process before we started. I quickly saw that it was a lot easier than I anticipated, and when you brought the items to be donated straight to the charity shops, that was one less thing for me to do!

Having room upon room of empty wardrobes and cupboards is very liberating. It has been a very positive experience for me, and I would highly recommend it to anyone I know.

Your enjoyable company was the icing on the cake."

JB, Belfast

We are a family of 5 (with 3 young children) and we moved from the US a year and a half ago. I finally started working with Gwen just a few months ago and it has been a dream come true.

We had just moved houses and I had boxes everywhere and wasn't sure where to put anything. I needed to buy furniture but I didn't want to buy anything I didn't absolutely need, as we will be moving back in another year or so. Gwen helped with all of this. And she is wonderful to work with! Worth every penny. She is pleasant, professional, and fun to work with. (If organizing can be fun.)

Rosemary, Co Louth

Following a protracted absence from my home due to ill health, my planned move back into my house was looking like a huge challenge. Workmen were in action to refresh and repaint but the towering stacks of clutter were defeating me. Calling in Sorted by Gwen was a great decision.

Gwen worked at a good pace but with sensitivity to my energy levels; At the end of each session I was delighted with how much had been accomplished. Each visit, Gwen removed boxes and bags to the recycling facility or the dump. It's great to think of that recycling being out of my house and out of my life.

My new bedroom feels wonderful. It has a clarity and simplicity that feels peaceful and soothing. My house looks much more spacious now. Clearing out the non-essentials means that every item in my home has value and purpose. My health is great, helped by my new environment.

Huge thanks (again) for your work, Gwen. My house is continuing to move forwards, not backwards, and the change is phenomenal.

MH, Dublin 4

Thank you so much for the work that we carried out today.

I keep heading into the Dining-room, to admire it. You have no idea how delighted I am with your expertise in sorting me out!!!!!!!

Beckie, Belfast

Sometimes there are jobs that seem too big to face on your own so you put them on the long finger and they just never get done. Having Gwen's support not only made the task more doable but enjoyable - a problem shared is a problem halved. Thanks Gwen!

Helena, PhD student, Portugal

“I must say that Gwen Montgomery was exceptional in correcting my English in my Ph.D thesis. I contacted Gwen when I was still writing the last chapter of my thesis. I was very stressed because I needed to submit my work soon and I knew it that my writing needed considerable corrections.

Let me give you a picture of myself: firstly- I’m a visual artist, writing is not my natural way of expressing, secondly- I’m Portuguese and I just learned proper English later in my life and finally- I’m dyslexic.

Although the time was quite short (and the task not that easy), Gwen showed willingness to help from the first moment. Gwen was organised, accurate in her work and very good in managing time. She was careful in her corrections, making sure that the corrected text expressed really what I wanted to say.

I must say that I’m very grateful to Gwen Montgomery for her dedicated work on my thesis.”

Valerie, Co. Dublin

After struggling with clutter and untidiness for years, last summer I finally had enough. I seemed to be spending too much of my time searching for misplaced items. Cleaning the house was difficult because I had stuff on nearly every available surface. It was just frustrating and depressing. I decided that if I was really going to get the house in shape I would need some help. I searched online and contacted 'Sorted! by Gwen'. From the first session with Gwen I found she had a calm and good-humoured approach to tackling the clutter. She is very practical and has great ideas for organising things around the house. I was impatient to get completely decluttered so I had 3 sessions with Gwen. She has helped me reclaim the space in my house and now I can find things easily and get on with my life.

Margaret A Wilson, Cambridge Art Historian & Psychotherapist, B.A.(Hons); Dipl. Theol; Dipl. Psych; MBACP (Accred).

Mrs Gwen Montgomery has recently copy-edited a PhD thesis for a dyslexic European student I have been mentoring. It was a late & vital request to Mrs Montgomery, as it had been difficult to find someone both experienced in copy-editing & in dealing with the work of a student who, as well as English being their second language, is also dyslexic. Mrs Montgomery completed this task not only competently, but also very speedily. I am very grateful to her for her expertise.

Wojtek Bartkowski, Photographer (Dublin)

Gwen Montgomery gave me step-by-step guidance on how to improve my website so I can make more money. My website looks and reads great now and all I can say is THANK YOU GWEN! It is not sorted unless it's Sorted by Gwen!


Rachel A. Domestic client, (Lisburn)

Rachel had recently completed a building project in her two-bedroomed home. There was so much to reorganise that she couldn't do it alone. After three sessions with Sorted by Gwen, she has this to say:

'Thank you for all your help with getting me sorted! I have no hesitation in recommending your services, it has produced a great result and has got me motivated to get the house sorted the way I want it. Thank you so much.'

Noirin Callanan, Healer and Comedienne (Glendalough, Co Wicklow)

Like all business people I get caught up in doing what I love to do and do best (healing etc.) and leave the rest 'til whenever. My paperwork had gotten so bad it was a nightmare to find anything. As an eternal procrastinator I did not even know where to start. After only three visits from Gwen my paperwork and office is now much easier to manage and guess what....? you can see the floor! It was a huge relief to get it sorted and it brought new clarity and energy to my work. The guilt of clutter has lifted like a weight from my mind! Get Gwen in and see how she transforms YOUR life for the better!


Peter O'Connor, Managing Director, Performance Partners Ltd. (Dublin)

Gwen Montgomery came to my office to help me "Get Sorted".

Having gone through phases of having a tidy office and then for it to get back into some sort of paper mess in a few weeks, with being out of the office a lot, I decided to ask Gwen to assist with re-structure and particularly with implementing new systems for my future filing.

It was a very good investment - both hiring Gwen and also of my time.

When I have more paper, I know now where to put the items I will keep and also what not to keep. I will also be able to find things very easily. She came up with many filing ideas that I hadn't thought of. I have no hesitation in recommending Gwen Montgomery to help you get more organised in your office.



Melanie Kovero, A1 Computers (Dublin)

Are you drowning in clutter? Gwen expertly performed her decluttering magic on my untidy attic. Best of all she took any reusable items to the SVP in Greystones. I would highly recommend Gwen's decluttering service. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious!

Bernard McGuinness, McGuinness Architect (Belfast)

Gwen came with glowing testimonials and has justified them all. Not only did she sort out the physical clutter of the office, she organised the filing, library and record keeping. The office procedures have also been brought into the 21st Century. The book keeping is now properly organised and computer based using Sage. Invoices are now regularly issued and tracked. And all this has been done with charm, expertise and sensitivity to me and my employees. We got sorted. Thank you Gwen.

Dave Robinson, Rathbeggan Lakes (Co Meath)

Having a business that keeps me outdoors in all weathers and which is constantly developing and growing means I don’t make the time to keep the office functioning well.

Gwen came in with energy and direction to establish order.

The results are great –

  • an improved and up-to-date filing system
  • a home for everything so I can put my hand on things quickly
  • clearing the things that don’t belong in the office making room for those that do
  • an un-cluttered office that is a n ordered environment rather than a stressful one

I don’t know how she enjoys that sort of thing but she obviously does! I was able to drop in and out during the day she was sorting – she asked my preferences or advice about anything that was not obvious. She seems to have a natural gift for knowing how to locate and group different business and personal material. In a home based office everything is there - so it is important to have someone like Gwen who is professional and confidential in her approach. Finding the mislaid ticket for the Liverpool match for my son made the whole process even more worthwhile!

Rathbeggan Lakes was featured as a model of a well managed business on RTE’s Higher Ground programme in August 2009 and this series highlights the need of many small, particularly home-based enterprises to maximise efficiency and get a handle on their current finances in order to make informed decisions for business growth and development. Sorted by Gwen has experience in a range of such businesses. The process of ‘decluttering’ alone can help clear your environment to enable creative thinking and ideas.

I highly recommend the services of Sorted by Gwen as a personalised and unique experience to help you and your business.


Mary Moran, Brook Cottage B&B (Co Wicklow)

It is great to get a new perspective when you are running a business on your own and Gwen has come in and seen what needs to be tackled. I had a few ideas but with hers added in I have had the confidence to move ahead and make changes and improvements. She has a great nose for storage possibilities and to help dispose of what is no longer needed, so rather than buying more storage we are maximising what I already have and saving money that I expected to be spending! After just a couple of sessions I really feel that the business will be running more efficiently and I am more confident about how we appear to our guests.

As well as energy and a unique service - Gwen is a real bargain! I think I will be employing her the rest of my life!


Domestic Client (South Dublin)

My late husband and I both had a habit of keeping things. Under the premise ‘that will be useful one day’ or ‘you can’t have too many of those in the house’ or ‘I wonder if I have a spare one of those’ – somehow a lot of things found a home under our roof. The time has come when I need to downsize and moving home on my own was a daunting prospect. The initial task was to deal with some 50 years of ‘stuff’ and I did not know where to start. I was delighted to find out that help was at hand in the form of ‘Sorted by Gwen’. Over a number of weeks, Gwen tackled the house room by room and helped me to clear out and organise and throw out a large volume of clutter. It has been very therapeutic and now I can see the way forward as I prepare to move into a smaller home.

Gwen’s approach is sensitive and patient and the client remains very much in control. In a process that brings out so many memories it is helpful to have someone who is empathetic and prepared to take the time needed. She is trustworthy and I would recommend her services to anyone faced with a similar task. An added service that Gwen offers, which was a great help to me was the removal of boxes to charity shops or recycling centres.

Domestic decluttering client – south Dublin

This client preferred to remain anonymous

Paul Tracy - NLP:NI (Lisburn)

Dear Reader,

This letter is by way of recommendation for Gwen Montgomery of Sorted By Gwen. She is excellent at what she does and she does it with a wonderful style. Let me explain further.

My office had become very cluttered – and I was both too busy to attend to it and did not have much motivation for it in any event. I got Gwen’s name quite by accident in an e-mail from a friend. We spoke on the phone and I was immediately impressed. Her manner and upbeat tone both contributed to what sounded to me as a highly professional approach.

Gwen came to my office as arranged and within ten minutes she was already at work. I was expecting some sort of long chat and then a return visit, but no – she was immediately into tidy up mode.

And let me tell you she works intelligently, diligently and with a minimum of fuss or “to do”. It is really impressive to see how she works, how she moves around spotting and sorting simultaneously. I watched and was both amazed and delighted. I could see immediate improvements and a clear end to something that needed attention.

Perhaps most importantly however I was most impressed by Gwen’s sympathetic and respectful approach. There is a line to be drawn between tidying and sorting and knowing what to keep and what not. Gwen seems to know exactly where this line is. We came upon some papers that I had not seen in a number of years. They took me back to a previous career and they really hit home (in a very nice way). And as with some other instances, Gwen knew exactly how to handle the situation. All through the process of working with her, she was totally respectful of how I might be feeling. And for me this was the most important thing. She knew when to push me to get rid of some things and when not to. Quite excellent.

She doesn’t just restrict herself to piles of paper and filing cabinets. Gwen has also helped rationalise the computer and some of the filing and organisation issues there. We have still some work to do and I am looking forward to it. Quite a difference to how I felt about tidying and organising just a short while ago.

So, if you are looking for someone to help get sorted then I strongly recommend Gwen Montgomery. She is highly professional and knows exactly what she is doing. She is purposeful and diligent – if she says she will do something she will do it. She is also action based – she is into the work immediately. Alongside these traits Gwen is highly personable – she is bright and energetic and laughs easily. She is articulate and up to date. And as I’ve already said she is respectful of feelings.

Most of all of course is the fact that if you are needing some help in this area you are looking for someone who gets the job done. Gwen gets the job done – and with style and personality to boot. I recommend her to you with complete confidence.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Tracey.