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Wider World Summer 2014  Holding Tight Article

Summer 2015 My article 'Holding Tight' was published in Wider World, a publication from the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

This article launched Sorted by Gwen's speaking on the topic of hoarding and clutter, particularly from a biblical perspective.

This Article was in the Irish Tatler in August 2015 was a great surprise! I never imagined myself appearing in such a style nmagazine with Ireland's top models on the cover for their 125 year issue!

It opened the door to a number of multi-session jobs in Dublin during the following year.

Away with the Fairies? The Clutter Fairies - obviously!

Faith Focus feature in the Newsletter (Belfast) by Laura McMullan was in the 14th August 2014 issue

Woman Alive - September 2018 issue

Three ways to make space for life

The other two were 'Make time for Relationships' Cathy Madavan and 'Take control of your mind' Jo Swinney