Decluttering is a hands-on job

Post date: Jun 11, 2013 9:39:12 AM

There is definitely a greater interest in decluttering around Ireland these days! Whether people are hoping to find things of value and sell them, or just feeling the stress of having clutter around them - it's time to get sorted. There have been a number of radio programme articles on the RTE John Murray show about decluttering. Some of the people who have admitted their guilt are hoping to get the expert in to help, but in the meantime advice was given and suggestions made.

In my experience, my clients have found that they are overwhelmed by the task and cannot start it alone. Many who have had help from family members have felt judged or even more ashamed and their relationships have been damaged as a result.

Calling in an outside expert is the way forward. If you get me in, we start straight away in a practical, hands-on fashion and you will see some results in two or three hours.

A new client of mine has been so surprised at the amount of stuff in her home, she knew there was a lot but had no idea just how much stuff had 'become wallpaper'. There is no doubt that the psyche deals with it by blocking it out visually and mentally most of the time. Three full days of work and we are half-way through a small house! Many people imagine that the stuff they have taken many years to accumulate will be cleared in just a few hours. Honestly, that is just not possible, alongside dealing with the emotional habits that have caused the 'keeping' and hoarding in the first place.

How I enjoy it when my clients say how therapeutic it feels as the bags and articles leave the house. I think the house and the floorboards often sigh with relief as well!