Self-Discovery - could I be a hoarder?

Post date: Jan 20, 2014 3:43:37 PM

In June, just after my last Blog post, I discovered we would be moving house again. My husband and I have moved house and jurisdiction several times so you would think this would be 'wee buns' for me (as they say in my adopted home of Northern Ireland)! However, the last time we moved I was not a declutterer -though Sorted by Gwen was a year old. In the meantime, my mother had died and I had done some clearing out, and to be fair, did not keep heaps of her things. But in the process of moving I discovered that I was - YES ME! - a bit of a hoarder myself!

Many folk I talk to about my business say something like 'I'm sure your own house is tidy and minimalist' but no, it is not. I have a home with a 'lived in' feeling and I am delighted to be in a house with more storage. This could be a disaster for a hoarder, but I am pleased to say that things are pretty well organised by this stage. Everything has its place and I know where to put my hand on things, as well as what I have and don't need to buy. So now it's time you invited me to your place!