Can we change our ways?

Post date: May 15, 2017 9:50:57 PM

People often ask me whether or not clients get me back again and again, and it's a good question! One client for whom I sort out a home office quarterly said that she was obviously not going to change her ways a few years from retirement and it was easier knowing I was coming back to file and clear and set things in order. For others, my first work was decluttering before a house move but then they keep me returning for admin and paperwork help, and even for the next house move!

Most clients - particularly if they have had me back until the whole house has been Sorted by Gwen - really enjoy their space that is now free from clutter and they know everything has 'a home' and love that they can put their hand on the bulbs, the travel adaptors or the sticky tape. They keep it pretty much in order, but keep me in mind if things get too near the edge.

One of my clients, who I had considered my 'fail' - I could not convince her to part with things and she was SWAMPED - got me back a few weeks ago. I was delighted to find that she had kept all her paperwork in the system I had set up and that she was much more ready to throw out memory or sentimental papers that she would have clung to before. I think the rest of the house is still stuffed.....

Many women I have worked with have said that they now think twice before buying more new clothes. They can find what they already have and the wardrobes are in order having parted with 'bad buys' or the items they realised they hadn't worn for years. For some, finding so many new clothes with their tags still on them, has helped them realise they have a habit of shopping to treat themselves or 'feed a need', rather than actually buying something they will wear, and this realisation has stopped this habit.

For some mums of young children, their 'tidy pre-motherhood self' has been lost in the busy clutter of family life, toys and baby clothes. They find it really hard to function in the disorder and even harder to carve out a chunk of time to tackle a room or a cupboard. With a day set aside and babysitting organised and the couple both in action, we have gone through the whole house and set things to right and they have been thrilled with the change. Yes, it will get messy again, but they will be more aware of over-buying and have a fresh idea of what they have and be able to find things more easily.

All women you ask? Well, for the most part my domestic clients are women, and more of my small business clients are men. Their businesses have benefitted from systems and filing and some of them get me back as it makes better business sense to buy some Sorted time rather than procrastinate and lose things.

Sorted by Gwen believes in change - but it's good for business if I'm still needed! Get stuck in - Declutter your space!