As you can imagine, many of my clients are not comfortable with me taking Before and After photos when I come to work with them. Most of the photos I have are from a third or later session with a client. I am grateful to those who have allowed me use the phtots of their progress.

BEFORE: This landing was a gathering place


A clearout and some new rails (I can't take the credit for those)

and it's looking great!

BEFORE: This lean-to shed was full to the hilt

AFTER: A comfortable home for Toby! Sorted!

The more space you have, the easier it is to fill!

Are your kitchen surfaces choc-a-bloc?

I LOVE doing kitchens!!

This was a home-based children's music and action business, so filing solutions are part of the process.........

These were for CDs and videos.

All tidy and labelled and easy to find!

BEFORE: A challenge to make this into a bedroom again?

AFTER: An oasis of calm for a good night's sleep - Sorted!