End of Life Preparation

The pandemic of 2020 has shown us that no matter how well prepared we may think we are, life can throw some surprises our way. While many people want to avoid thinking about death and dying, it is the one thing that will come to us all, sooner or later, prepared or not.

Perhaps you have made a will and named your executors and beneficiaries and left it with your solicitor. But our modern lives are more complicated than ever before. Have you a list of your assets, your pensions, bank accounts, loans, prize bonds that can be found by your executors? Will you have a 'presence' online after you die? Have you made plans for what you would like regarding your funeral, your remains or your medical wishes in later life? Perhaps you have specific items you would like someone to have or far-off friends you would like informed.

Getting things in order now will help in the years ahead, as well as making things a lot smoother for those who will have to deal with your estate when you die. Being prepared helps ease everybody's minds and ensures that you have your say in what happens, leaving you to enjoy each day without these concerns.

Offering a sympathetic, professional and confidential service, I can work with you at a distance and with follow up to get to the desired goal. Please contact me by email through the contact page to discuss the process and pricing.

See EoLP testimonials below

I've had my will sorted for some time, but I still had niggling concerns about how difficult it would be for my executors to sort out my affairs when the day comes. I may have my personal admin organised (it could be better, of course) so that I know where everything is but quite another matter to have an accessible guide to all of it for my executors to use. So when I heard of Gwen’s EoLP service, I realised it was just what I needed. Working through it with her helped me appreciate just how much is going on in my life that needs to be recorded and described. Having identified who, what, where for financial and practical aspects of my life, such as memberships of gym, National Trust, etc., I now feel much more at peace in relation to the future. Not that I've filled in all the details yet, but the structure is there. In truth I think Gwen's approach is of value in organising the admin of our lives no matter what age we are. It's easy to work with Gwen, and fun too. She's very professional and I found her approach to creating the admin framework empowering. I am very happy to recommend her EoL service.

Ethel White (Dr)

After thinking about my ‘end of life plan’ for a few years, I finally got round to it with the help of Gwen. This is a very emotional task and difficult to approach as none of us know when or in what circumstances we are going to die.

Gwen’s calm, logical and practical approach made it all more doable. In no time she had my life neatly arranged into labelled folders which will make the life of my executors a lot easier.

It is a great relief to know that I will not leave behind a complicated mess for my loved ones to cope with.

B.F. Co. Down