Editing and Copy-writing

Website content

There is a lot of competition out on the internet, so it pays to have a professional look and to catch those who click on your website and draw them in.

Statements that make sense and give a great first impression, flawless grammar and spelling, getting your message across to your potential clients - these are all essential elements of your 'shop window' on the web.

In business, little things matter, attention to detail matters - it shows you care. If you think your website needs some help as regard content, then let me at it!

Sorted by Gwen will not usually make the changes on your website, but will work with you on content and document all the edits, corrections, comments and suggestions and send them to you for you or your web designer to update the site.

Editing, proof-reading

Academic papers for Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees. So many students know their subject well - but not their grammar! That can let them down. Finish well and submit a professionally proof-read paper or dissertation.

My experience includes editing for a number of Tertiary History professors.

English Second Language Clients

Getting your message across in a language other than your mother tongue can be a challenge. So whether it is your Masters Dissertation, your PhD or your business website, I can help.

Often this involves quite a lot of re-writing, so it helps if you are not too 'precious' about how you have written or worded something but want your ideas to come across clearly and make sense. What you want to say and get across is important and can, as they say, get 'lost in translation'.

Some examples of work I have done for ESL clients:

    • Masters dissertation for Chinese Arts student
    • PhD thesis accompanying an artistic piece for a Portugese student
    • Virtual assistant website for an Indian business
    • Website for a German speaking client
    • Book editing for History professors in Cambridge and Philadelphia

Contact me and I can do this work 'virtually' for you at a competitive hourly rate.