Domestic Decluttering

So many people admit to being hoarders or collectors and find they are stressed by the clutter in their home. But few take the brave step to get help.

For some people, it works well to have family or friends help them, but for many this leads to tension and fall-outs within relationships. The clutterer feels judged and ashamed.


Time to bring in the professional. Sorted by Gwen has a firm but non-judgemental approach and will help you to deal with the clutter as well as help address the underlying issues and habits that need to be changed. I am unshockable - promise!

The therapeutic effect of letting stuff go and clearing out bags to the skip or the charity shop is a wonderful feeling which almost ALL of my clients express at the end of our first session.

Whether it is a house move or just one room you cannot face then let me help you get started. Most clients find that they can continue on their own once the task has been tackled with my help.

With over a decade of experience I can help you love and appreciate your home once again and make your space somewhere you love to be.

See some of the transformations below and on the Gallery page

Confidentiality is important for my clients - I don't show up in a marked van and I usually am not allowed to take photos! So there are not many to show you!

BEFORE Potential for a bedroom of calm tranquility?

AFTER Here it is! Calmness and order, sleep restored!