Administration Systems – paper and electronic 

  • Hands-on service to clear the decks – floor included! Virtually unshockable!
  • Filing systems that help you keep what’s needed and find it – Fast!
  • Advice on handling incoming information.
  • Efficient systems for your working needs.
  • Effective filing for financial records – archiving etc.
  • Organise your email inbox for good.
  • Filing trees for your computer files – logical homes for everything so you can retrieve without that ‘search’ facility.
Database and Information Systems 
  • Customer and contact databases.
  • Experience with Excel, Access and Outlook.
  • Advice, set up and entry.
  • Mail merges and search advice and training.
Book-keeping Systems
  • With book-keeping experience in Canada, America, UK and Ireland, I can set up appropriate systems for your business and train you in using them.
  • Get all your staff singing off the same hymn-sheet! Procedures are a necessary part of modern workplaces. Coming with an outsider’s fresh look at your needs - procedures, systems and policies can be agreed and written up so that everyone knows what is expected.
  • Logical step-by-step approach to producing 'how to' documents or procedures
  • Training for your less experienced administrative staff.
  • One-on-one sessions tailored to your business needs.
  • Computer training for the tasks this job requires, advice on organising, efficiency, customer relations, workplace behaviour etc.
  • Building confidence in your team and respect for you as boss.
  • See more about training
  • Fed-up with the clutter and mess and not able to find anything? You know you should sort it out but getting started is usually the difficult part. See the domestic decluttering section of the web-site
Post-Bereavement Services
Through my work with various domestic clients I have seen the need for this vital service
  • Assistance in clearing through personal belongings
  • Changing name details on utilities and correspondence
  • Preparing for house sale or down-sizing
  • Personal, caring help at a difficult time in life


  • For more potential customers than you might imagine – spelling, grammar and the use of the apostrophe still matter! Move against the trend and have your brochures, menus, signage and web-site proofed by a keen eye. Why spend the money on the printing when a couple of mis-spellings will give the impression of carelessness and lack of attention to detail? Get it right – give me a call.A missing apostrophe on this chalk board was an easy one to fix! 
  • Organising and Delivering conferences including: Planning, Registration, hosting on the day
  • Copy-writing for website, brochures etc
Points to Note
Some outlay for stationery items may be required. While every care is taken, I can accept no responsibility for loss of documents. However, experience shows that more lost items are found and filed than are ever lost!
Rates: Contact me for a current list of competitive and affordable rates.