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Interview coaching

Many people have had little experience of interviews and others have had too many unsuccessful ones.   I have been involved in hiring dozens of people in the past and have collected a wide range of 'what not to do' examples along the way.  Many good candidates have exhibited a variety of behaviours - but not everyone gets the job.   In a competitive employment environment make sure you have the appropriate skills and awareness for your next interview.  The following issues are covered:

  • Creating a good impression at interview.
  • Asking relevant questions.
  • Answering intelligently.
  • Preparing yourself
  • What to expect
  • What not to do

Organising Your Work

For most of my clients this takes place alongside the setting up of administration systems for their business.  Other employers have needed training for junior administration staff.
Tools for prioritising your work and increasing efficiency
  • Filing systems - retrieval and archiving
  • Calendar planning and reminders
  • Mailings, rotas, forms - aids to help maximise your time
  •  and while we are at it.....
    The Ideal Employee
    Coaching and inspiring junior staff to higher motivation and achievement
    • Solutions not problems.
    • Creative and positive.
    • Prepared to go the extra mile.
    • Team player.
    Specialised Software Training
    Trainer for Omega Church software program. More information on