Clutter Busting


Decluttering is one of those new lifestyle issues in a world where we have too much ‘stuff’.

"Decluttering is about Streamlining and simplifying your life – it’s not about deprivation"

-- Sue Kay, No More Clutter

Many people find themselves surrounded by a lot of things - from clothes to paper, from gadgets to knick-knacks, from recipes to whole magazines.  Their loft or attic has become a 'no-go' area, the worksurfaces are covered to the exclusion of work and, for some, life has become a series of boxes to walk among!  Wherever you are on the scale of 'cluttered' you may not realise how much it affects your state of mind.  Every client I have worked with in the area of decluttering speaks of how good it feels to get rid of things. 

We have too much - we buy too much (or used to!) and we keep too much!

Whether it is in your home, your home-based office or other workplace, you need help to get cracking. It is a hurdle for most people to admit they need some help - and paid help at that.  To be honest, most people find that with help to start the task, they can finish it themselves and with the pain of parting with a bit of money, they are committed to keeping the order once it has been restored! So winners all round!
Sorted by Gwen helps to clear the bases in a sympathetic but firm manner with a lot of laughter and ideas thrown in. 
 Release yourself from your clutter - call in Sorted by Gwen and discover the home you always knew was under there somewhere!  See the page on domestic decluttering for more information.